A Selection of Musical Tales

by Niq Reefman

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released April 9, 2017

Artwork: Jennifer Hankin
Recorded, Mixed, mastered & layout by: Dr Jared Micallef @ Marban Music Studios
Visit at: Www.niqreefman.com.au - Join my traveling muso mailing list for updates on the road of photos, gigs and crazy stories (maybe 4 times a year)
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Niq Reefman Sydney, Australia

Niq trumpets like a singer, keyboards like a bass player, sings like a narrator and ukuleles like an electric guitar - his musical performance is best described by picturing “Tim Minchin, flying a trumpet through a thunderstorm”.
He spreads songs of beauty, mirth, camaraderie, inspiration and action to a world that craves the social zest of an Irish pub and the hopeful melodies of nature.
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Track Name: Witch Doctor
Watching the animals going walkabout
Browsing herbs and giving rocks a lick
I've watched this one for hours and I've watched them all for years
And I've hardly ever seen them getting sick
I'll take a little sample - I’ve worked out what it’s for
I'll take it home and add it to my tricks

They called me a witchdoctor
I was fascinated by all the weeds
They called me a witchdoctor
I collected our medicinal needs
They called me a witchdoctor
There were patterns no-one else could see
They called me a witchdoctor

Watching the animal focused on his work
Sweating more than usual today
He hasn't seen the signals - that’s why I’ve got the job
I'll get my concoctions underway
I noted all the symptoms - I caught the early signs
It’s time for him to take a little break


Watching the animals in the village grounds
And I'm sensing building tension coming out
But I reserved a cutting to keep the tribe at peace
And grow the bonds that share the love around
At the perfect dose my herbal potion works a treat
Smoothing every tension in the town
Track Name: Close Shave
Close Shave

Bums on the chair, chins back
the barber lets the blade go free with a snap
slicing away bristles of the times
Just got another close shave

Down to the floor, swept away
if it’s feeling smooth, just look the other way
year after year it’s harder to make the slice
Just for another close shave

Over the hill, 08 - trying to be still
but the barber has the shakes
cream’s getting thin on wrinkling necks of man
Won’t be another close shave
Track Name: Glue

Chewing...another pencil to death
Staring...at the words on the wall
Teacher! ...this ain't practical, cuz I'm
Not in the headspace, I'm terribly bored
This calls for an emergency

Glue [sniff] the schoolkid's cocaine
Take a whiff and put another line on the page
Lumpy like a lunar mud
Ain't no teacher takin back my snuff today

Inching. ..the drawer carefully open
Reaching... for the clag paste goop
Heaven!... With my head in the moon, I
Feel a bit giddy so I go back for more
Oh boy oh boy am I crazy for my


Easy...when the bristles behave
Messy when the lid’s a bit stuck
Wait up!... it’s a gateway to gunk
PVA’s in the clear but then the others get harder
Stay away from araldite, cuz it’s

Track Name: Mooshiek Man
Mooshiek man

In a van of ghostly white
Hovering the streets
The neighborhood is haunted
Your puppies give a shriek
Restaurants are cursed
With howls and ghostly tunes
Your pre-recorded pop songs
Are drowned out in the gloom
Even in the daytime
The market isn't safe
The evil man with the evil van
Nobody can escape, he is the

Mooshiek man, the mooshiek man
He’ll spook $2 from your pockets
and interrupt your chatter, he's the
Mooshiek man, the mooshiek man,
Brace yourself for the horrid apparition of
The Mooshiek man, the mooshiek man,
He’ll spook $2 from your pockets
bewitching off your frowns, he is the
The Mooshiek man, the mooshiek man,
Watch out! - because the mooshiek man has come to town!

Quick pickup the phone
And call the Icecream man
His melodies are garlic
To musos with a van
He's plump from too much chocolate
The kids will scream for ice cream
They'll turn to little monsters
and tear apart the street
All of this in hoping
Our souls will all be saved from
The evil man with the evil van
Close the doors and pray it's not the

Track Name: I got my Mojo back
I got my mojo back

Stuck in the glue of habit
Life just fades to grey
Left with the fog of loneliness
My blood has drained away
I am not amused at all
Last night I was God
Life can play cruel games on you
Just when you’re thinking you were up on top
I refuse to linger here
Watch me run amok

I got my mojo back

Back again I can’t believe it
I thought I had it made
Inspiration came to me but in
Time I was betrayed
What is all this game about?
And why am I dragged along?
I will not be made a fool of
I’ll fix this bloody song
Calling back my brass brigade
I’m back in control

I got my mojo back

There is no escaping it
Swinging up and down
Daytime soon will turn to night and
Smiles turn back to frowns
We’re all stuck inside the wheel
You might as well enjoy the ride
There’s no sanity without madness
Or content without compromise
Grateful that I feel at all
And when I’m feeling flat
I know only one direction
Coming round the track

I got my mojo back
Track Name: I'm a good boy
I'm a good boy

I know just what you're thinking
But you'll say it anyway
You'll warn me with your wisdom
And chase the fun away
I know you think she’s trouble
You've said the same before
But I'm only staying over
Dunno what you're worried for

Cuz I'm a good boy

I shouldn't ask for trouble
By looking for a kick
I'll run out of adrenalin
I'll come home with a limp
But you've seen me do the numbers
I don't just sit and talk
The obstacles are all foreseen
Dunno what you're worried for

Cuz I'm a good boy

I need to be more caring
And bend my point of view
But i think you’re caring too much
And i won't get worried too
I used to need approval
To feel i wasn't wrong
But there's no pleasing everyone
That's why i wrote this song
You're worrying it drives me nuts
You do enough for two
So there's no need to double up
I won't get stuck like you are stuck
I'll save my breath and yaaawwnn
Dunno what you're worried for

Cuz I'm a good boy
Track Name: The horn of fate
The horn of fate

I met a monster when i went to church one day
My ears were ringing when i heard the roar
That fateful moment standing like a deer stuck on the road
Staring into sound beams in the hall
I couldn't move a muscle and i knew my fate was sealed
Like a werewolf in the moon i felt the call

I heard the horn of fate
I heard the horn of fate
I heard the horn of fate

Trembling with goosebumps as the creature turned to me
The congregation fading to a drone
I tried to say a prayer but i couldn't move my lips
Knowing i was hypnotised it spoke
There's no use making sense of it recording it on page
The music tells the story of my fall


And to this day i hear the demons calling out to me
While brazen fanfares bellow in my ears
Driving off the last remains of peacefulness inside
Keeling over belted into bits
Bordering insanity with brass stuck in my brain
Blasting hot air tunnelled through the bore

Track Name: Storm at sea
Track Name: Obligation
I watch the shore from here while a breeze keeps the mist away
Thinning out the fingers of a ghost
I smell the fields of green from across the rocky waters.
It blows a kiss of perfume to my home
The seagulls come and go - they don't know responsibility - while I'm obliged to
Keep my charge alone

Obligation - I feel an
Obligation - held fast
Obligation - I'm torn between an
Obligation and my heart
And my heart

Today I'll make-believe on a passage to the headland
I've left my charge behind forever
I'll kiss the ground and let my senses embrace the scenery
And for a moment I'll forget
I'm on the path to give my vision possibility
I won't return to climb those stairs again


Someday I'll give the keys away when the circumstances favor it
And let the beacon pass to other hands
I'll hurtle down the stairs where the ferryman is waiting
I'll take an oar until we land
I've waited patiently and it feels like an eternity
But I'm still penned up held inside my charge

Like a ship stuck in a jar
Like a ship stuck in a jar
Like a ship stuck in a jar

Track Name: Fishing
Why work a job when i can go fishing?
I don't need a job cuz i can go fishing
Why work a job when i can go fishing?
i wonder what I'll catch today

Fishing, I'm fishing
Sitting at the pier while the clouds are spinning
Fishing, I'm fishing
look for me by the bay

Why shop for food when i can go fishing?
I don't need the shops when i can go fishing
Why shop for food when i can go fishing?
I wonder what I'll catch today


Why buy a house when i can go fishing?
I don't want more when i can go fishing
Why upsize when i can go fishing?
i wonder what I'll catch today


I don't need a holiday cuz I'm gone fishing
You only need a break when you are rat racing
I don't need a holiday cuz I'm gone fishing
i wonder what I'll catch today

Track Name: In Australia
In Australia

I like to see the old familiar faces that I've got to know
And listen to recounts of what the dice have rolled us up today
recalling all the golden moments seem to make our faces glow
but I need another story and I think I'm getting called

In Australia it doesn't look so far
From the beaches to the ranges from the plains into the inner reach
In Australia it doesn't look so far
From the crocodiles,down to the bight and sailing to the tasman sea

I can feel adventure calling, calling me to follow my nose
I can feel the breeze already colors of the wind will lead the way
leading me to foreign places, meeting friendly people I won't know
and though they'd like to keep me here I know I just can't


Far across the sea, I've heard some people think we're smaller than Europe
Excited by the island they'll gloss over vital details like the scale
perhaps it's just a coffee book or maybe cuz they're booking a tour
but if they knew how far it's really was I think they'd be blown