by Niq Reefman

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Composed after completing a PDC in Monbulk with Pete the Permie.
It considers the importance of a medicine man, who's job it was to keep prevent sickness rather than just treat them once they became sick. Their skills were based on ancestral knowledge and experimentation. Luckily, we have a growing number of modern-day witchdoctors who are community-minded and keep an eye out for their neighbors.


Watching the animals going walkabout
Browsing herbs and giving rocks a lick
I've watched this one for hours I've watched them all for years
I've hardly ever seen them getting sick
I'll take a little sample - I’ve worked out what it’s for
I'll bring it home and add it to my tricks

They called me a witchdoctor
I was fascinated by all the weeds
They called me a witchdoctor
I collected our medicinal needs
They called me a witchdoctor
There were patterns no-one else could see
They called me a witchdoctor

Watching the animal focused on his work
Sweating more than usual today
He hasn't seen the signals - that’s why I’ve got the job
I'll get my concoctions underway
I noted all the symptoms - I caught the early signs
It’s time for him to take a little break


Watching the animals in the village grounds
And I'm sensing building tension coming out
But I reserved a cutting to keep the tribe at peace
And grow the bonds that share the love around
At the perfect dose my herbal potion works a treat!
Smoothing any tension in the town



released December 20, 2016
Niq Reefman



all rights reserved


Niq Reefman Sydney, Australia

Niq trumpets like a singer, keyboards like a bass player, sings like a narrator and ukuleles like an electric guitar - his musical performance is best described by picturing “Tim Minchin, flying a trumpet through a thunderstorm”.
He spreads songs of beauty, mirth, camaraderie, inspiration and action to a world that craves the social zest of an Irish pub and the hopeful melodies of nature.
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